Welcome to the world of fine spirits and captivating flavors! If you’re a whiskey enthusiast in Haryana, India, then you’re in for a treat. Today, we delve into the realm of Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky and uncover Red Label price in Haryana.

Brand NameRed Label
ManufacturerJohnnie Walker
Country of OriginScotland
Established Year1909
Color0.9 (amontillado sherry)
TypeBlended Scotch Whisky
Composition 30 Young Single Malt & Grain Whiskies

Whether you enjoy sipping it neat or crafting delightful cocktails with its smooth blend, this iconic Scotch is sure to tantalize your taste buds. So grab your favorite glass and join us on this exciting journey as we explore the latest prices of Johnnie Walker Red Label in Haryana for 2024. Get ready to raise a toast to luxury and affordability.

Johnnie Walker Red Label Price In Haryana 2024

Brand NameVolumePrice
Red Label Whisky180ml₹270
Red Label Whisky375ml₹540
Red Label Whisky750ml₹850
Red Label Whisky1000ml/1 Litre₹1,230

Johnnie Walker Red Label Price In Gurgaon 2024

Brand NameVolumePrice
Red Label Whisky In Gurgaon180ml₹270
Red Label Whisky In Gurgaon375ml₹540
Red Label Whisky In Gurgaon750ml₹850
Red Label Whisky In Gurgaon1000ml/1 Litre₹1,230

Johnnie Walker Red Label Price In Faridabad 2024

Brand NameVolumePrice
Red Label Whisky In Faridabad180ml₹240
Red Label Whisky In Faridabad375ml₹500
Red Label Whisky In Faridabad750ml₹800
Red Label Whisky In Faridabad1000ml/1 Litre₹1,180

Red Label Whisky Price In Haryana 180ml

 Red Label Price In Haryana

The 180ml variant of Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky is a convenient option for those seeking a taste of indulgence in a compact size. Packed with the same rich flavors and exceptional quality, this bottle offers whiskey connoisseurs an opportunity to savor their favorite spirits without committing to a larger quantity.

When it comes to the price of Red Label 180ml in Haryana, you’ll be pleased to discover that it strikes the perfect balance between affordability and luxury. Currently, it is priced at ₹270 for 180ml.

This compact yet mighty bottle brings forth its signature smoothness at a pocket-friendly cost, allowing you to enjoy your beloved drink without breaking the bank.

With its enticing aroma and delightful palate, Johnnie Walker Red Label 180ml embodies the true essence of Scotch whisky. Whether you prefer sipping it neat or incorporating it into your preferred cocktail recipe, this size ensures that you have just enough to satisfy your craving while keeping things economically sound.

So if you’re looking for a smaller-sized whiskey option that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality, look no further than Johnnie Walker Red Label 180ml in Haryana. Indulge yourself in every sip and let this exquisite blend transport you into a world of unparalleled flavor.

Red Label Price In Haryana 750ml

Are you a whisky lover in Haryana? Are you wondering about the price of Johnnie Walker Red Label 750ml in your area? Well, look no further because we have all the information you need.

Johnnie Walker Red Label is one of the most popular whisky brands worldwide. Known for its smooth and rich flavor, it has become a favorite among whisky enthusiasts. But what about its price in Haryana?

In Haryana, the price of Johnnie Walker Red Label 750ml can vary depending on where you purchase it. However, on average, you can expect to pay around INR 850 for a 750ml bottle.

It’s important to note that alcohol prices can fluctuate due to taxes and other factors. So it’s always a good idea to check with your local liquor store or online retailer for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Whether you’re planning a special occasion or want to enjoy a glass of fine whisky after a long day, knowing the price of Johnnie Walker Red Label in Haryana will help you make an informed decision.

So go ahead and treat yourself or surprise someone with this classic Scotch whisky! Just remember to drink responsibly and savor every sip.

Red Label Price In Haryana 1000ml (1 Litre)

Are you looking for the price of Johnnie Walker Red Label in Haryana? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This section will discuss the Red Label whisky price specifically for the 1000ml (1 liter) bottle.

In Haryana, a 1000ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label is priced at INR 1,230. It’s important to note that alcohol prices may vary slightly depending on where you purchase it from. However, this gives you a general idea of what to expect when shopping for this popular whisky in Haryana.

Johnnie Walker Red Label is known for its smooth and rich flavor profile. Whether enjoyed neat or mixed into your favorite cocktail, it never fails to impress with its distinctive taste. With its affordable price point and quality blend, it has become a go-to choice for many whisky enthusiasts in Haryana.

So if you’re planning to buy a 1000ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label in Haryana, check out local liquor stores or online retailers for the best deals and offers available.

Red Label Price in Haryana Duty Free

Red Label Price in Haryana Duty-Free is a topic of great interest among whiskey enthusiasts and travelers alike. Red Label, the iconic blended Scotch whisky from renowned distillery Johnnie Walker, has gained immense popularity for its rich flavor profile and smoothness.

In Haryana Duty-Free stores, this coveted spirit can be found at an excellent price point that appeals to both locals and tourists looking to indulge in a high-quality beverage without breaking the bank.

The duty-free setting allows customers to enjoy significant savings compared to traditional retail outlets, making it an attractive option for those seeking value for money.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates fine spirits, exploring the Red Label Price in Haryana Duty-Free provides an opportunity to acquire this exceptional whisky at an affordable rate while relishing its signature notes of smokiness and sweetness seamlessly balanced with hints of fruitiness and malted barley.

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Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky Review


In this article, we have explored the prices of Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky in Haryana. Whether you are looking for a small bottle to enjoy on the go or a larger one to share with friends and family, we have covered it all.

For those who prefer a convenient 180ml bottle, the Red Label whisky is available at an affordable price in Haryana. This compact size allows you to savor the smooth and rich flavors of this iconic blend without breaking the bank.

If you’re planning for a gathering or celebration, the 750ml bottle of Red Label whisky is perfect for sharing. With its well-balanced taste and versatility, it can be enjoyed neat or used as a base for your favorite cocktails.

For those who want even more of this exceptional whisky, there’s the option of purchasing the 1000ml (1 liter) bottle. This generous size ensures that you will have plenty to go around during parties or special occasions.

No matter which size you choose, Johnnie Walker Red Label offers excellent value for money with its superior quality and distinguished heritage. Its signature smoky flavor combined with notes of spices and honey make it an enduring favorite among whisky enthusiasts.

So next time you’re in Haryana and looking to stock up on some fine whiskies, be sure to check out the prices of Johnnie Walker Red Label. Cheers!

Red Label Price in Haryana – FAQs

What is the price of red label at Haryana?

₹1,230 for a 1-litre bottle.

What is the price of Red Label 750ml in Haryana?

Red Label whisky Price in Haryana ranges from INR 850 to INR 1,050 for a 750ml bottle.

What is the price of Blue Label in Haryana?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label costs between INR 15,500 and INR 22,000 per 750ml/1000ml bottle in Haryana.

What is the price of black dog in Haryana?

₹1,800 (750ml)

What is the price of Blenders Pride in Haryana?

₹1,100 (1 Litre)

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